Melin Llidiart (Capel Coch)

This mill is called Melin Llidiart in Guise and Lees Windmills of Anglesey book, but appears to be more commonly known as the Capel Coch mill, or Melin Llwydiarth. It is one of several built on Anglesey during the droughts of the mid 1700s.

It was damaged in storms at the end of the 19th century, when its cap and sails were destroyed, and it slowly became overgrown and deteriorated. The land around it was cleared towards the end of the 20th century so it stood prominently again.

Through the years several planning permission applications have been submitted to convert it to a dwelling. In 2011 it was up for sale with planning permission to convert it and add a two storey extension. Drawings of the proposed development can still be seen on the vendor's site. Since then it has been sold for £135,000 and the tower has been roofed and refurbished in a somewhat different style than the original drawings. In summer 2017 work was still ongoing in building the two-story extension.

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