Llanbeulan - St. Peulan's

The approach to this church is a memorable one, down a 200 meter long green lane causeway to an elevated enclosure in the middle of fields. It was founded by St. Peulan. He is thought to be the son of St. Paulinus, who tutored the Welsh patron saint St. David, and was a follower of the well known Anglesey saint St. Cybi. He probably founded a church on this site in 630AD.

The oldest part of the current building is the 12th century nave. The chancel and the side chapel were added in the 15th century. The entrance to the church is now via the chapel, but once was through a doorway at the end of the nave, now blocked up.

One unusual feature in the contents of the building is a large rectangular baptismal font. It has different styles of carving on each side, include arcade-like carvings on one and a celtic cross at the end. The carvings appear to be 12th century Norman in origin and it has been suggested that it originally was an altar with space inside to hold relics.

The church contains a number of memorials on the wall, and one stall in the chancel bears a carving declaring it to be "The Seate of William Bold of Treyrddol Esquire, 1664". The back wall of the nave displays decoratively-painted wood boards with the Lord's Prayer, the 12 commandments, and the Creed in Welsh.

Like its chapel of ease, St. Mary's, Tal-y-Llyn, St. Peulan's is now owned by the Friends of Friendless Churches, having been vested with them in 2004.

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