Site History

Jan. 1995 (Yes, really, 1995!) Site originally launched, with the Anglesey History page.
Dec. 1995 Added the Natural History page. See the original pages on The Wayback Machine.
Sep. 1997 Redesigned site (new backdrop, navigation buttons). See it on The Wayback Machine.
Jan. 2000 Major revamp of the site:
Feb. 2000
  • Added a search facility to the site.
  • Added a page about and photos of Penmon.
  • Added photos of Llanddwyn Island to the gallery
Mar. 2000
Apr. 2000
Jun. 2000
Jun. 2002
  • Added a page with the current weather conditions in Pentraeth, as recorded by a weather station in the author's back garden.
Feb. 2004
  • Added a number of recently published books to our book page.
Jul. 2006
  • Complete visual overhaul of the site. See the design at the WayBack Machine.
Aug. 2008
Jan. 2009
Jun. 2009
Dec. 2009
  • Added a major new section about the windmills of Anglesey, with a page for each existing windmill.
  • Added gallery pictures to Places menu
  • Added various aerial photos taken in August 2009
  • New photos of Penmon, Lligwy, Penmynydd, Llanddwyn and Menai Bridges
  • Added links to Google Maps aerial views for various sites
  • Added buttons to share this site on various social networking sites
  • New panorama video of Red Wharf Bay
Feb. 2010
Aug. 2012
  • Revamped weather page to accommodate new weather station hardware and software
Oct. 2013
Apr. 2014
  • Several new churches and chapels have been added
  • Added a page about the new Anglesey flag
  • Modified main menu structure, moving the Nature and History pages to a new section of topical pages that are not restricted to certain places. Also moved the Churches section to a main menu item.
  • Moved links from home page to separate page, and replaced them with a listing of latest tweets from @AngleseyHist
Jun. 2014
  • Visual redesign of the whole site, for a more modern look and to make it a responsive site that will be easier to read for our increasing number of phone and tablet visitors.
Sept. 2016 Started a new blog for more informal posts about the history of Anglesey.
Jan 2017 Launched major new section: Prehistoric Monuments.
Jan-Feb 2023

A number of changes have been made over the intervening years, primarily adding new churches and prehistoric monuments, adding information about my published books, and regulalrly updating the Anglesey books page.

A new major page was added listing all the corn watermills, fulling and woollen mills, and other types of mills on Anglesey. Links to online databases from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, Cadw and the Mills Archive were added for each entry, as well as for all the existing windmill pages. The mills were also addded to a Google Map showing the location of the mills and giving links to the databases.


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