Mein Hirion, Llanfechell

This set of standing stones, also known as the Llanfechell Triangle, stands at a prominent location overlooking the village of Llanfechell, with excellent views of a wide area of northwest Anglesey. The nearby hill Mynydd y Garn features in the distance, as do those sources of modern power, Wylfa nuclear power station and the Rhyd-y-Groes wind farm.

It is unique on Anglesey in having three standing stones erected together as a triangle, They lean towards each other, as if they were three ancient farmers conversing on the hillside. The stones, which are schist, are each about 2m high and appear to be aligned so all three have their long axis oriented from northwest to southeast.

To the northwest, about 0.5km distant, near a farm named Cromlech, is a pile of stone slabs often regarded as a collapsed burial chamber, which may have been associated with the standing stones. It has not been excavated to confirm its nature, but a drawing in Skinner's 1804 account of a tour around Anglesey shows some of the stones still upright at that time.

The evocative nature of this site fuels the imagination, as the modern day observer wonders at the purpose of their creation. Local artist Wil Rowlands was inspired by this site to create this somewhat dream-like depiction of the stones and the distant Mynydd y Garn.

The map below shows the location of these stones so you can visit to experience them yourself. They are best approached by the right-of-way to the southeast, from Llanfechell village, as you have a clear view of the stones as you approach up the hill.

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