Melin Geirn

This mill is attached to a farm outbuilding on Geirn Farm near Llechcynfarwy and Carmel and thus is probably a domestic windmill (similar to Melin y Pant), used for driving a variety of machinery, rather than a dedicated corn mill.

Being so close to the adjoining building would cause problems in ensuring that the sails cleared the roof of the outbuilding. Some similar mills would only allow the cap to turn certain directions, or not at all, and couldn't be used if the wind was coming over the building. With this mill it may be that the sails were short enough to turn all around. The large opening near the top of the mill was probably a doorway into a gallery where the sails could be adjusted, and this corresponds with the roof of the building.

The date of construction of this mill isn't known, but it is known that it had ceased operating by the end of the 19th century. The farm was owned and occupied by Owen Jones Esq. and later his son Michael. It's a large farm, over 116 acres in the 1840s and expanded to 200 acres by the 1850s. The Joneses had six or seven servants and farm labourers living with them. After Michael's death in 1865 it was taken over by John Roberts, followed by his youngest son John in the 1890s. John was sadly killed in 1917 in a farming accident.

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